Morning Routine

Seizing the day and taking ownership with a good morning routine can get you off to a great start of your day. The contrary is sadly also very true, so experimenting and finding the routine that works best for you is really important for your well being. 

Breakfast means to break the fast that you have been in while sleeping. Waking your body up abruptly with caffeine, triggers the flight or fight response and is not what we want for a joyous and productive day. I therefore start with a glass of water (about half a litre) with few drops of lemon and some Himalayan sea salt. It will replenish and rehydrate your body with sodium, potassium and get your body back to its normal self. - Try it out your body will thank you for it. If I feel like spicing it up, I mix in some cayenne pepper which I find to warm my body gently as a bonus. 

I then do some light stretching, relaxation, breathing exercises and positive thinking to wake up the mind, muscles, fascia and ligaments. 

Then I hit the shower. I start off with warm and soothing water for my washing and then do some heavy breathing exercises before cranking the water to the coldest possible setting. I stay there for 1-2 mins. This helps boost your immune system and overall wellness (Check out the science on the Iceman Wim Hof) and it really gives me a boost of calm energy which helps me feel great and reduces my stress levels throughout the day.  

Then comes breakfast. I usually do intermittent fasting and skip breakfast altogether. But when I eat in the mornings I stay away from to much sugar as it spikes blood-sugar levels and takes my mood for a rollercoaster ride and leaves me cranky for the rest of the day.

Chia puddings, smoothie bowls and heavy green smoothies are my foods of choice for breakfast and I try incorporating some healthy fats like flax seeds almonds or other nuts, which I find keeps me fuller for longer and more saturated. 

Then, and only then will I have my coffee or matcha tea and head out the door to start my day feeling well and full of positive energy. 

If you like any of these tips, try them out and let me know what you think. - If you have more tips and tricks for a great morning routine, please share them with me in the comment field below.

Have a great day! :) 


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