Premium quality - Made of natural rubber and soft vegan suede

Yoga Mats

inspired by exotic Bali

Hand-sewn Silk Bracelets

Pink Palm SilkPink Palm Silk
Sold out

Pink Palm Silk

From 749 kr
Flower SilkFlower Silk

Flower Silk

From 749 kr
Flamingo SilkFlamingo Silk

Flamingo Silk

From 749 kr
Green Palm SilkGreen Palm Silk

Green Palm Silk

From 749 kr

Cleansed and Blessed

Bangle Bracelets

Namaste BangleNamaste Bangle

Namaste Bangle

From 189 kr
Wanderlust BangleWanderlust Bangle

Wanderlust Bangle

From 189 kr

knotted while reciting mantras

Mantra infused Bracelets

Cleansed and blessed

Infused by you

Founded by a dedicated Yoga teacher, Luna Ligaya jewellery is inspired by the philosophy of Yoga that serves to improve oneself physically, mentally and spiritually. 

Our jewellery is handcrafted around the world as we travel and is always ceremonially cleansed and blessed in order to be ready to absorb your energy. 

All Luna Ligaya jewellery is shipped with a few sacred elements in order for you to conduct your own ceremony and infuse it with your chosen energy of luck, happiness, love, serenity or whatever you need more of in your life.  

Your jewellery then becomes an amulet which exudes your chosen energy in your daily life. 

Every piece is unique

Handcrafted gemstone jewellery

Every piece of Luna Ligaya jewellery is unique. The semi precious gemstones are hand-cut and placed on a handcrafted 925 Sterling Silver ring or 18K Gold vermeil ring. 

Each stone has its own healing properties and besides the look and feel, it will help you achieve a desired state of being, depending on your choice. 

Please note that all our pieces are crafted by hand and the gemstones are unique. They may therefore vary slightly in size, shape, and colour. This is very much part of the charm of handcrafting, as it ensures that your amulet is unique.


Luna Ligaya's world

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